Date of listing 18 January 2024
Rental start date 1 March 2020

Property description

Nai Harn Beach Condo [Pearl 601-611] — premium apartments with an area of 36 m², featuring one comfortable bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen, a cozy living room, and a terrace. The windows of the apartments offer an excellent view of the city.

Project Highlights

Nai Harn Beach Condo [Pearl 601-611] is part of a total of 79 apartments situated in an 8-story monolithic residential complex called Nai Harn Condominium Phuket (NBC), developed by one of the most reliable builders in Phuket.

Location and Infrastructure

The residential complex is surrounded by all the necessary infrastructure for a comfortable life, including shops, restaurants, cafes, schools, as well as car and motorcycle rental services.

Additionally, just an 8-minute walk away is Nai Harn, a picturesque beach stretching 600 meters and surrounded by coconut groves, casuarina trees, and other tropical flora. The beach has a gradual slope into the water, making it ideal for families with children.

Even closer to the residence, just a 2-minute walk away, is the eponymous Nai Harn Lake, well-suited for relaxation and outdoor yoga sessions.

For those who prefer traditional workouts, the condominium is equipped with a fitness center. The building also features a bar, a swimming pool, and round-the-clock security with access control and video surveillance.


  • Total Investment Value
    $164 600
  • Underlying asset price
    $156 267
  • Closing costs
    $4 251
  • Registration tax 1,1%
    $1 723
  • Upfront DAO LLC fees
    $1 999
  • Projected Total Income
  • Projected Rental Income
  • Projected Appreciation
  • Annual gross Income
    $7 831
  • Rental Income
    $4 081
  • Property management
  • Maintenance reserve 10%
  • Annual DAO LLC administration and filing fees
  • Annual DAO Accounting service
  • Homeowners insurance
  • Annual cash flow
    $9 447
  • Monthly cash flow


Soi Suan Wat, Rawai

Sabai Property FAQ

What is Sabai Property?

Sabai Property is a platform for investing in fractional tokenized real estate from anywhere in the world, with a minimum entry threshold of $50. Sabai Property is a project of a group of international companies from Singapore and Panama, created by people with over 12 years experience in managing and selling property in Phuket and around the world.

One of our founders also represents the developer of grand projects such as Layan Green Park, Layan Verde and LaVista Villas, which were among the first tokenized assets on Sabai Property.

How does Sabai Property ensure investment security?

Sabai Property activity is governed by international law at the intersection of real estate and cryptocurrencies. In fact, the tokenized property itself is operated by a legal entity created in the form of a DAO. When you invest on our platform, you become a member of the DAO, which gives you the right to participate in its management and profits. All rights are recorded in smart contracts, which limit the possibility of unauthorized actions with the property.

Furthermore, the smart contract itself is recorded on the blockchain and cannot be deleted or changed, even at the discretion of the company. This legal and technical model provides investors with the highest level of protection, investment transparency and capital preservation.

Guarantees and Risks for Investors

All Sabai Property assets are insured and legally verified. All actions of the DAO participants are recorded in smart contracts, so it is possible to exclude any third party interference in the action. Asset management is handled by an international team with over 11 years of experience in the property industry in Thailand. This allows for efficient property management with minimal risk. In addition, most of Sabai Property's properties come with a guarantee from the developer, who takes responsibility for investor payments in the event of a lack of tenants.

Sabai Property is also introducing an instant token sale system at 80% of value, taking investment liquidity to a whole new level. In addition, a secondary marketplace will be launched in February 2024, where users will be able to trade property tokens with each other in a bid book format.

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