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How it works?

Sabai Property operates within the global legal framework. Tokenized real estate is owned by a legal entity linked to a DAO, which you join at the time of investment, granting you profit-sharing rights. All rights are recorded in unalterable blockchain smart contracts, providing a level of security even greater than a traditional real estate purchase!

Simple purchase

Choose the Sabai Property real estate asset you like and the investment method: starting from $50 or from 1m2. Undergo extremely simple registration and KYC verification to become a full-fledged user on our platform.

Simple payment

You can pay with a credit card, cryptocurrency, or cash. It's no more challenging than making a purchase in an online store.

Simple earnings

Receive passive income in your personal account from day one, which you can withdraw to your wallet or card, as well as reinvest.

How works

Our benefits

Instant capital withdrawal

Two exit options are implemented: the platform features a secondary market where you can sell your share at a price set by you, and an option for instant selling to the platform at 80% of the purchase price.

High and stable profitability

Investments tailored for you: daily payouts from rental income (5-15% annual returns), pre-construction investments with potential profit upon resale after completion (10-30%), and guaranteed developer income with monthly payments (5-7% annual returns).

Enjoy worry-free management

No more paperwork, landlord management headaches, and lengthy offline meetings with brokers. Invest in real estate online and enjoy passive income, while professionals handle the rest.

Vadym Bukhkalov

Vadym Bukhkalov

$100 mln

in turnover for the year 2022

250000 m 2

of development projects in Phuket

Our Founder

Sabai Property is a member of the VillaCarte group of companies. As a seasoned developer on Thailand's most popular island, we boast over 10 years of experience, ensuring you the finest real estate investment experience. My vision is to build a legacy for centuries to come, and I extend an invitation for you to join me on this remarkable journey.

Sabai Company

Become a part of our community

The incredible conditions that Thailand offers, combined with our team's expertise, have enabled us to create a truly unique product.

With over 28 million tourists visiting Thailand in 2023 and an expected 40 million in 2024, the demand for real estate in Phuket is high. When rented out, your investment typically pays off in 7-12 years.

We are currently developing Layan Verde - an iconic project with no competitors in Phuket. Covering an expansive area of 180,000 m², equivalent to 25 football fields, and designed by a renowned architect ranked among the TOP 50 in the world.

We prioritize environmental concerns; all our facilities are endorsed by international certification for "green" construction, resulting in up to 45% savings on utility bills.

Sabai Property FAQ

Full FAQ
What is Sabai Property?

Sabai Property is a platform for investing in fractional tokenized real estate from anywhere in the world, with a minimum entry threshold of $50. Sabai Property is a subsidiary of VillaCarte, a company with over 12 years of experience in property management and sales in Phuket and other global locations. VillaCarte is also the developer of grand projects like Layan Green Park , Layan Verde, and LaVista Villas, which are among the first tokenized assets on Sabai Property.

How does Sabai Property ensure investment security?

Sabai Property operates within the global legal framework. Tokenized real estate is owned by a DAO, of which you become a participant at the time of investment, granting you profit-sharing rights. All rights are recorded in smart contracts, which restrict the possibility of unauthorized actions with the real estate.

Additionally, the smart contract itself is recorded on the blockchain and cannot be removed or altered even at the company's discretion. This legal and technical model ensures investors with the highest level of protection, investment transparency, and capital preservation.

Investment Returns

Sabai Property offers flexible options for generating returns: daily rental income payouts (5-15% annualized), investments in the construction phase with potential profits upon resale after completion (10-30%), and guaranteed income from the developer with monthly payouts (5-7% annualized).

Guarantees and Risks for Investors

All Sabai Property assets are insured, and their management is handled by Villa Carte, a company with over 11 years of experience in real estate. This allows for the efficient management of the properties with minimal risk. Additionally, most Sabai Property assets come with a guarantee from the developer, who, in the event of a lack of tenants for the property, will take on the responsibility of making payments to the investors.

Sabai Property also implements a system for the instant sale of tokens at 80% of their value, bringing liquidity of investments to a fundamentally new level. Additionally, in February 2024, a secondary market will be launched where users can trade real estate tokens among themselves in an order book format.